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We provide after-sales services including calibration and repairs of NDT equipment. We provide technical support for our range of equipment and are most ready to train and update end-users to maximize the full capabilities and potential of our equipment. All customers are backup with the much needed full after-sales application support for their equipment.



Max View Density: 4.0 D
Light Intensity: 170,000 Lux
Power: 110 or 220 VAC 50/60 Hz
Lamp: 2 ea 36W Green color PL-36W lamp
Viewer Window: 88x340mm
Housing: Aluminum frame with plastic side panel and adjustable handle
Light Intensity Control: from 10%-100% continuous control
Cooling Fan: 2 ea 4” square 12V high capacity cooling fan
Heat on the viewer window: 38˚C after power on 2 hours
Outside Dimension: 340 x 54 x 8 mm(LXWXH) without handle
Weight: 2.65kg

Standard Package

AC Yoke

Model KY-2

Model KY-2W

Standard Configuration

NDT-400DL Impact Hardness Tester

NDT-400DL is an advanced hand-held portable hardness tester, featuring:
compact size, high accuracy, wide measuring range and simplicity of operation.
The NDT-400DL is suitable for testing hardness of the most common metals
used in industry, including: steel mills, foundries, forges, rolling mills, heat treat
shops, rails and axles, pressure vessels and pipeline, power plants, refineries,etc.

Typical Applications

• Installed machines and permanent part of assembled systems
• Molding surfaces of forming dies
• Heavy work-pieces
• Failure analysis of pressure vessels, turbo-generator sets, etc.
• Production line inspection of automotive and armaments.
• Recording of test data as original records
• Material sorting and identification
• Hardness scale including: Brinell, Rockwell, Vicker and Shore hardness

Technical Data

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

Universal Super Nova 4S (High Intensity UV LED UV Lamp)


• NICHIA True 365 nm wavelength UV light
• Less than 2 ft Candle white Light
• Instant On/Off, no warm up or cooling down time
• No filter or bulbs to replace
• Mercury free
• Splash proof
• Quartz glass protection of UV LED


Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


• Joystick control set and adjust all parameters
• Welding simulation map
• Large thickness reading display
• DAC curve with DAC alarm
• Curve DGS (optional)
• Positive, negative, and minimum depth alarms
• Filled waveform trace display
• Separately Gate A and Gate B setting with alarm