MPI Power Unit - MP6000D

1. Key Switch Power On/Off, with emergency stop.
2. AC/ FWDC mode operation.
3. Infinitely variable current control.
4. Automatic settable AC/DC Demag cycle operation.
5. Reliable PLC circuitry and electronic controls.
6. 9inches Touch Panel meter and controls.
7. Air pressure regulator
8. Natural aspirated air cooling.
9. Heavy duty parts and chassis with castor wheels.
10.Powder coat matt finish.
11.No cable change, switchable AC to FWDC output.
12.Easy line voltage conversion.
13.Foot Switch Remote control.
14.AC and DC meter calibration adjustments.
15.International line voltage operation available.

Extended Wet Horizontal Bench Unit, 2500mm Length.
The 4000 AMP AC/FWDC full featured bench style M.P.I. wet horizontal. Designed for surface and subsurface flaw detection and demagnetization in small to medium size parts.

• Hip Level Push Button Control Box
• Mag. push button & foot switch activation
• Head Stock air cylinder push button
• Air pressure regulator
• Tail Stock with lock
• 16”(40cm) ID 5 turn coil on rail rollers
• 6×6”(15x15cm) Head-Tail stock contact area
• Replaceable copper braid pads
• Head-Tail stock “V” groove supports
• Stainless steel tank
• Water or oil bath compatible
• Bath agitator and circulation pump with ON-OFF switch
• Hand hose bath applicator
• Matt black finish.

Cable length
20′ 6m
50′ 15m
100′ 30m
150′ 45m


Customize Ultrasonic System

Pit Immersion (C-Scan, Single Channel)

Borescan Plus
Pit Immersion (C-Scan, Multi-Channel)

Special System

• C Scan System
• Automatic accept/reject sorting
• Five Specified Scanning Station